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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  January 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it's unclear whether it affected all models or just the latest version, iphone 4. >> they should be using thenews 4 alarm, rise and shine, rise and shine, rise and shine. >> that's aood excuse my iphone didn't off on time. hosital horror. a murder investigation under way after a father is killed at his job. which i was about to enter so help megod. plus, fitter day inoffice. vincent gray lays out his gra plan for the district >> and deep wate navy launching an investigation into controversl videos featuring the commandinofficer of a u.s. na aircraft carrier. i'm j krebs
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i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 on this nday, january 3rd, 2011. we had a beautiful ekend in terms of wier weather. now t winter weather is back with us. >> a big change has come back. reaty has return odd this 3rd day of januay, 2011. good morning. backo work and school. 30 degrees at national airport. it's n typically co this time of ye. below freezing througho most of the region. upper 20s. near the bay, 30. winds a bit blustery north and west. our windchills are in the tee. temperatures have plummeted into western maryland and parts of virginia. it's right around 30 around the virginia tidewater, lower part the eastern shore. last 12 hours we had rain from yesterday move on out. as it did xilt brought in cold weather bend it. high pressure has moved in. we're off to a clear and cold
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start onthis monday morning. we'll have plenty of sunshine and a blue sky welcome after a cloudy period over the weekend. 40 degrees by midafternoon. sunrise, 7:27. sunset, 4:59. a look at tuday, wednesday, thursda coming up at 5:11. ashley lindh ser in for jerry edwards. good morning. how is traffic? good morning. wellbehaved all throughhe region. 395, traveling northbound, no issues as y commit to the 14th street brge. acostia, all lanes are open this morning. as we travel elsewhere,aybe you're traveling 95 this early morning, through woodbridge. volume deinitely on the inease at 123 as you canee headed away fromus. big accidents and no big signs of congestion brewing. springfield headed for the wilson bridge and continuing tords college park you'll find you are at speed. no big trouble spots to speak of. the district is dealing with
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a sloint start tthe newyear. two sepate shooting leftne teenager dead a five others injured. one happened yesterdayfternoon near fourth street and new hpshire northwest. that's a few blocks from serman circle. two teens were shot. both were taken to the hospital. late last night one of he teens died. his death marked the city's fist homicide of the year. in southeast waington, someonepened fire on car with fou men inside yesterday morning in the 1300 block of congress street. three of the men were taken to the hpital, two critically injure police have no said anything about a motive or suect in either case. today ncent gray officially begins h first full day of duties in the district of columbia he was presented th a seal to the city. gray said during his time in office he will focus onhe budget, jobs, and educaon.
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he willcontinue to push to make the district the 51st state o the union. he said it will work out if everyoneorks together. >> whether we are black,white, red, bwn or yellow, whether we get around by car, bus, train, truckr bike, this is one city, our city, the strict of columbia. >> afer the inauguration, mayor gray celebrated with a party at the washington convention ceer. there was a perfoance by the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. the theme was uniting eryone in the city. >> six council members were sworn into new terms, david
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catania, menlson, harry thomas jr. and tommywells. lawmakers get back to work on capitol hill tis week with a new politial landscape. dnesday republicans will take over as the majority in the house of representatives when the 112nd congress is officially sworn in. they will also grain seats in the sene, but not eough to override a presidential veto. health care repealill be their first order of buness. >> if we pass this bill with a sizable voe, and i thin that we wil it will put enormous pressure on the sate to do perhaps the same thing. after that we're going to go after this bill pie by piece. >> federal baouts and stimulus spending are also priorities for republicans. first responders who got sick after the 9/11 attacks can now get special health benefits. the president signed the health and compensation act into law
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yesterday. it is named after a police oicer who died from a respiratory disease he contracted at ground zero. he president signed the legislation awaii where he is vacationing in hawaii. the person responsible for killing a suburban hospital employee i still at lar an questions main howhis could haveappened in what is considered a secure envonment inside the hospital. news 4's darcy spencer reports. we now know who the victim was in this new year's day hoital murder but we still don't know if he was a random victim or perhaps he wa tarted and wh 40-year-d washington jr. found dea in the boiler room suburban hspital new year's morning, the victim of a violent attack. he has been a lead engineer at the hospital for more than four years. he was working at the time of his murder. his mother, mar struggles to make sense of the crime. >> i just don't undetand where security was.
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with al theurveillance cameras they have, that'shat i'm really worried about. you're not even safe on the job you wo at every day. >> authorities got e call for a stabbing. he was apparently on speaker phone with a fend when he was attacked. that person knew there was strilg. police arved within one minute of being called but thettacker was already gone. >> very timely response. and certainly very thorough search done. suspect still at arge. >> no vehicle sdplipgz >> right. >> washington worked two jobs in northeast. he rng in the new year here just hours before his death. >> he was wonderful person in fa, he was a trustee and dekon of this church. very much. man that loved god loved his
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family. as a mom prepared to bu her son, s prays the killer will be caught. >> tellim to turn himself in. i think that will be the best thing for m to do, turn himself in. >> officials say they don't recallver a cri of this magnitude at suburban hospital. 5: the time. 30 degrees. cold out there. ahead this morning, after a lackluster end to the lacklter season, the redskins are looking ahead to next year. also, supposed to be funny, but the navy is not laughing. an investigation launched into some lewdideos starring an officer. it's a cool if not col start to the monday. start to the monday. yr monday morning weather and
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> it is time for weather and traffic on the ones. 5:11. 30 degreesn washington b the ba elsewhere, we're in the 20s. temperatures today willclimb to 40 wit a high wth lots of sunshine. tomorrow, partly to moly cloudy attimes. highs in the low 40s morningows mid-20s. remaining cold through the end of the week. afternoon highs, upp 30s to 40 degrees. a look at friday,saturday and sund in ten minutes at 5:21. les check traffic now for this monday morning. ashley lindher, how is it looking? it's looking great this early morning definitely the time to hop on
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the roads and get bac in to work. good news if y're headed into work. g.w. parkway, helights are traling in the southbound direction. no big problems to report. you make it just fine from 395 to theapital belt way. no sns of trouble leave, bethesda. 95 northbound, vome on the increase. center of your screen t h.v. drivers hitting the brakes. those delays taper off on 395. if you're traveling down to 70 this early morning, no signs o trouble leaving frederick. 109 to the truck scales at least for the timebeing. joe and eun, bck to you. >> thanks, ashley 12k34r50 the new footba coach at the university of maryland is nt the name a lot ofeople were expecting to hear. your chance toell metro what you think of opening your
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lawmakerson capit hill return laterhis week. the 112nd congreswill be sworn inn wednesday. republicans will te over as the majority in the house of representatives and gaineats in the enate. virginia state police are now instigating a bodyound on an eit ramp on i-66 fairfax county as a homice. friends and faly members held a vigil for jabbril marra. someone shot him and left him on the side of the ad. and afull-scale investigation into aset of unchy videos by a naval officer on board t uss enterprise. he was second in command at the time. he is now t commanding office news 4's kimberly suers is live inhe newsroom with more on the story. good mning, kimbey. >> reporter: good morning, joempt whether captain honors will continue as commander now questionle because of the
5:16 am
video he produced and starred in in 2006 and 2007, meant clearly as comedy stcheses but offensive to some sailors. you can see it is an entirety on the paper's website. in it captain honors uses gay slurs, depicts sexual acts, opens the shower curtain on two men and also two women pretendg to shower gether. he calls it clearly inappropriate and puts a stop to him. t some question why heas then proted to commander of uss enterprise when his superiors knew about the videos. >> when you encourage people who have done stupid thing by promoting tem i think you do a disservice to the seice and you weaken the chain of command. >> reporter:while some crew members looked forwardo the videos, other sailors were offended and submitted anonymous reports. it is not clear if honors will remain at the helm.
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joe, backto you. >> kimberly, thks very much. if you have an opinionbout new random bag searches at metro, they want to hear from yo they started at several rail stations. the search involves swabbing bags for traces of explosive materials, a process already in place at other transit place in new york and boston. new metros looking for feeack. the advisory council will hold a public meeting tonight at 6:30 on fifth street in northwest. and construction begins tay at the glen mont metro station. crews will built a new garage that will open next year. troubledollywood star lindsay lohanis expected to be released from rehab today. a judge negligented her to 73 days in rehab afer violating her probation with a failed drug test. it all stems from a dui arrest thr years ago that resulted in two rehb sints and two trips
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tojail. now she's also under investigation for an alleged assault on an eployee at the betty ford clic where she's been staying. sheosted on her twitter account, tay is the first day of the st of my life. >> zsa zsa gabor is bac in the hospital this time to have part of her eg amputated. a publicist saidhe doctors found a growing lesion on the 93-year-old's leg. she returned to ronald reagan ucla medical center yesterday for the surgery. this is one of rece medical setbacks for zsa zsa gabor. back i july she broke her hip and was hospitalized several times since then a giant tdown could describe last night's ga or the entire season r that matter as the skins lost 17-14. grossman was able to pll to within three late the fourth. in the end, four turnovers, including two fumbles d an
5:19 am
interception fromrossman and anothemissed field goal, doomed the season finale for the skins. ach mike shanaha said it would have beenice to go out on a high note. i always like to end on a positivenote. we sure had our opportunities during the game. any time yohave four turnovers and you are still in the game means you did good ings in the ga. >> it was a much needed win f the giants, though. they nded some help and did not get it. the packers beat the bears taking aplayoff spot away from new york. > well, today maryland introduces its new headfootball coach. th terchs herd randy edsell. t move was a bit of a surprise considering former texas tech coh mike leach had been the front-runner. but according to the school, only edsell said maryland was his dream job. edsell spent the last 12 season at uconn, taking t team from
5:20 am
division i-aa to division they went to five bowl games, including this year against oklahoma. >> this decision came out of nowhere because everyone was expecting me leach. >> huge surpri. wonder what the tnking was there >> we will have a lot of questions toanswer. >> look forward to the news conference this afternoon. tom is here to take a look at the forecast. >> maryland had their bowl game. >> they won that gae. >> indeed. great sendo for coach iedgen. hee we have had balmy weather. a big change overnight. it is frozen up once again. the ground was swis yesterday. now it's beginng to freeze backp again. upper 20s to 30s in most o the region. we have near 30 degree temperatures. ight sunshine, blue sky. low 40s.
5:21 am
a bluster northwest wind mking it feel a ttle bit chillier. overnight, clea sky this evening. by dawn, clouds around tuesday morning. a weak frontoming through tomorrow will give us a f clouds from timeo time. highs low to mid-40s. cold weather returns aer this front gs by, clearing out tuesday night. mostly sunny wednesday with a high around40. ld thursday with highs in the 30s. friday we'll have an area of low pressure developing just to our north. close enough tus perhaps to gi us wind and passing flurries perhaps. does not look like a maj storm. highs reachi the low to mid-30s. co after that into the weekend, too. afternoon highs into the low 30s with a few clouds in and out. now traffic on this monday morning. ashley lindher, how iit looking? >> good morni. just volume at thishour. it's nothat bad. 66 westbound -- excuseme,
5:22 am
heading eastbound, manassas, here the pace. not too nasty towards the capit beltway. a little bit more volume as you make it toward the capital beltway itself. no issues inside of it. elsewhere, 95 headed northbound, this is the pace towards 123. as you can see,t is a little congested. up towards the top of the screen ishere volume i stacking up. a bit heavier in newington. college park american legion, you're all clear. wide open there. no isues from tysons thugh springfield. 270 southbound is starting to pick up volume from 109 to the truck scales. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks, ashley. our time is 5:5 2 2. online flight fight. why an airline pulled from a popular travel site. and online bi
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expediaa opped lling american airline flights. perts sayhile theirline may saver money it will lose a lot of exposure. 5:25, 29 degrees. still ahead, baseball pitcher for the orioles being called a murder suspect. a frightening close ll for a police officer when a suspect opns fire on a cruiser. opns fire on a cruiser. a shocking crime inside a
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paint the town red. republicans are ready to take controlf the house of representatives and vowing to take down some of the president's achievements. hospital murder. a loc father killed. this morning there are plentyof questions left to answer. good morning. i'm eun yang. good morning. i'm joe krebs. it's monday, the 3 day of january, 201. let's take a live look outside right now where it is cold. temperatures dropped a degreeo 29 degrees here in the nation's capital. >> that's a big chang tom. wh does that mean for our focast? yesterday at dawn it was near 60 degrees. >> i'm crying. >> a then it started getting
5:30 am
chillier afternon. a big chill ha come in. high pressure coming in, clearing out the sky. it has turned much colder this thi day of januar 2011. only in t upper 20s now. below freezing throughout the entireegion from the chesapeake bay to the atlaic eaches and west across virginia, maryland, the disict and into west virginia. we are in the 20s. and the windchill are in the teens. a rudeawakening. and reminder, yes, it is still nter after a few bri days en it was balmy. mperatures in the teens. mountains of west virginia. th last 12 hours, the last of that ra and balmy weather swept north and east and pulled a way. high pressure bringing back seasonably cold weather. lots of sunsne. blue sky. afternoon hhs briefly touching low 40s. sunrise, 7:27. it will get earlier and earler. sunts later and later.
5:31 am
now they're around 5:00. we'll take a look at tuesd, wednesday, thuday, coming up at 5:41. nowet's check traffic on this monday morning in for jerry edwards is ashley lindher. hi, ashley. good morning. we' already starting to hit brakes out of triangle an overhead sign is causing a distraction. once you break free, nothing to report. center of your seen is h.o.v. cotinuing northbound. no early delays on395 as of yet. 66 eastbound, here the pace just beyond 123 as you approach the capital betway. this is theworst of it. as for now, no big issues head towards the beltway. out of maryland we have an issue as you make yo approach towards the capital beltway along central avenue. we did have an accident in the clearing stage they'retarting to get headway. central aveue completely blocked for a time to the capital beltway. as of now stay to the right to
5:32 am
get by. eastbound central at the beltway. joe, bac to you. >> thanks very much shley. time, 5:31 live look at the capil building. 112nd congress reconvenes with a brand-new majoty in the house of representatives. republicans say e first thing on their agenda will be toet rid of present obama's healt care plan. th they will tackle the fedeal debt, which is close to its limit. tracie potts is li on capil hill wit what's ahead. >reporter: hi there, joe. good morning, everyone. they are back in actn this week. we'll see the new congress starting onwednesday. you'll hear a l about the debt and the debt ceiling in the coing weeks and they'll talk out what's on the mind of republicans which is spending less in washington and rolling back health care. house republicans ll vote soon on wether to get rid of health we form. that many hapen before the prsident's state of the union address.
5:33 am
>> it's the decit they'll fightver ne. we're very close to a $14.3 trillion debt ceiling set by law, meaning the government could borrow no more. congress can raisethat limit but can they? >> i'm not going to vote for a debt ceiling increa unless we go back to 2008 spending levels. >> reporter: he thinks thers plenty to cut. >> 500 million her $500 million, that's a billion. >> we're going have to make in the medium run aseries of tough choices. the president is not afraid to do that. >> reporter: the fear is if we hi the debt ceiling, which could haen before june, the u.s. could default on its obligation triggering a federal government shutdown. >> we are not looking tohut the government down. >> rerter: so now repuicans stand poised to takever one-half of congress an influence thether side of capitol hill.
5:34 am
al that starting this week. joe? >> thanks very much,traci 9/11 fst responders and survivors siened during resc will get access to special health benefits. president obama signed the t into law yesterday. it's named after a police officer who died from a respiratory disease he contracted at ground zero. the president signed the litigation in hawaii where he is vacatning with his family. 2011 isoff to a violent start in the district. it's just the first two days of the new year and we have had two separate shootis, one of which left a teenager dad and five othe injured it happened yesterday afternoon near fourth street in nthwest a few blocks from sherman circle. two teens were shot. both wre taken to the hospil. and lateast night one of the teens died. his death marked the city's first homicide of the year. > and in southeast d.c., someone opened fire on a car with four men inside. this haened early yesterday
5:35 am
morning in the 1300 block of congress stet. three of the men were taken to the hospital. two of them we critically injured. poce have not said anhing about a motive possible susct in either ofthese two cases. right now thesearch is on for te killer who murdered a man inside suburban hospital in bethesda. this morning his famy is questioning how this could hav happened in what is supposed to be a secure enviroent. news 4's tracee wilkins joins u live at the hospital with the latest. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: goomorning, eun. as it stands, montgomery county police are saying ey have no motive and no suspe in this unusual case of murder inside a hospital. 40-year-old rsevelt brockington jr. was found dead in a boiler room new year's morning. they got a call for a stabbing at the hoital around 10:30 a.m. saturda he was apparently on speaker phone when he was attacked. by the time police arrived, the attacker was gone. the hospital was locked down and there was a massive search for
5:36 am
the ller. they sa a spect was not found. he works as an engineer for suburban forfour years. her mother is praying for her son's killer to be capted. >> i just don't undersnd. i wonder where security wa and with all the surveillance camera ifyou're not even safe on your own job you work ery day. >> report: he was the father of two. he had two jobs a also worked as dean and ustee at st. john's church in northeast washington. in fact, that's wheree spent new year's eve before h murder. acee wilkins, live in betsda. back to you in thestudio, eun. >> tree, thank you. we are following a developing story out of austral this morning. two more people have died in massivelooding in the state of qensland. it destroyed farmsand damaged hom. the country's military is now flying in food and supplies to the flooded area
5:37 am
and this mornin no injuries reported after an earthquake rocked chile. th 7.1 quake hit southwest of the capital city of santiago. many took to higher ground for fear of a tsunami. chilean navy officials, howevr, say thereis no threat of a massive tsunamwave. 5:37 is your time now. 29 degrees. still ahead a bltimore orioles pitcher the main suspect in a deadly shooting. also, more than a thousand birds drop out of the sky. vie investigators say stress may be to blame for killing them. a look at weather and traffic for the first workweek of 20. of 20. stay with us. well, i love aeal on a designer bag as much as the next girl! love! i love love ve!
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is now 5:40, 28 degrees. boo-hoo to the weather. no offense, tom. we're happy to have you back. itas like 50 degrees and above and, boom back to reality. >> winter is here. >> yeah. yeah, it is january. we look at the calendar. it's the 3rd of january, 2011. good morning this monday morning. we get back to work and school. you need to hunt upour winter coats ain and get out the christmas prents you got. maybe you got a nice new fleece coat or sweater. you're going to definitely need it or a scarf. ait of a blustery wind 20 mile north and west. that's making it feel in the teens. later today, we'll climb to 40.
5:41 am
lots of sunshe, blue sky. tomorrow a weak fnt will come in. should warm into the 40shich is typical. a few clouds wi go by and usher in more cold weather. afternoon highs just near 40 on wednesday and thsday. might get aew flurries friday. a look at that as welas the weekend. that will be coming up iten mines at 5:51. let's check taffic on this monday rning. back to work and school. how are we doing? volume on the increase around the gion. people have dealt withhe overhd sign that was causing a distraction there. as you ctinue further north, you'll hit t bres through newington, springfield. 395 in relatively good shape. elsewhere arou the region, we did have an accident central avenue. pretty serious in nate. we did have a complete closure
5:42 am
of eastbound central. now what we have going on westbound still wide open. east bound, stay to the right to get by t access the capital beltway. if you ride the rails, no oblem. metro, marc and vre all running on tim :42 is the time. still ahead, the alarming problemthat had many iphone users running late. dramatic pictures showing just how close a bullet came to local officer. and the d
5:43 am
5:44 am
our time is 5:44. we no know the name of a lol hospital employee w was killed while on t job. 40-year-d roosevelt brockington was found dead in
5:45 am
the boiler room. police are searching for the district's kler for the first homicide of t year. and randy edsell will be announced as new head football cch today. he d the huskies to five bo gamesn 12 seasons, incling thisyear's fiesta bowl. mayor of the district of columbia, which i am about to enter so help me god >> congratations. >> and with that vincent gray became the new mayor of the district of columbia. he takes over for adrian fenty who served the last four years. already looks like gray his work cut out for him. the council vot to cut the budget by $188 million. it's one of the issuesray will face as he takes over. megan mcgrath joins us wh what
5:46 am
gray's first full day in office will be like. good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. to public even listed, at least not for the moment. that coul change as t day wears on. really on sunday the emphasis was on the oath and of course the party that has him later that evening. he took the oath of offi just aew minutes before noon. he stress the theme of unity, lling washington one city, our city. also said tha while some may want t focus on t differences, quote, tere is far more that brings us together than there is that drives us apart. and gray also voiced his commitment to ahieving stateho saying d.c. i the greest symbol of democracy but residents are the only people in the nation who continue to be shut out ofthat deocracy. >> in our system of government, presidents change and control of
5:47 am
congress swings like a pendulum. but there at least one constant. we, the residents o this city, remain he from one administration to the nex and one congress to the next that is why we cannot rest until we achive true self determination. and bece our nation's 51st state in the united states of america. >> reporter: and mayor gray also touched on the issue of education in is inaugural speech. moe on that coming up a 6:30. back to you. >> seeou then. megan mcgrath, megan, thank you. kwame brown was swor in autos new d.c. counci chair. he will rorm education and create newjobs. sixth incumbent council members were sworn in. at large members david catania, mendelso mary cha, thom jr.
5:48 am
and wells. this morning virginia state police are looking for the person who killed a springfield man and left his bodyn the side of the rod. marra died on wednesday, two days after his body was discoved on the nutley street exit off i-66 in fairfax conty. someone shot the 20-year-old and left him on the side of the road. friends a family held a vigil on saturday night. atirst instigators would only say someone assaulted h before he was found. now they call the case a murder. a virginia man is facin attempted murder chargesfter getting in a shoot-out with police. on wheelright way in prince william county. officers resnded to reports of shots fired and stard pursuing the suspect. they folwed him to route 15 and dominion valley drive.
5:49 am
officers fed back and the chase continued to subley driv no officer was injured but on bullet pierced the windshield one of the cars. jasopaul has now been charged with five counts of aempted capital murder. picture for the baltimore picture for t baltimore orioles is the imary suspect in the shootng nft dmin the doma republic. police s simon, a native of the dominican, fled after th shooting. he id through an orioles representative tt he was in the arewhen the shooting happened but was not involved he could fce 30 years in prison fegs charged and found guilty. the latest actor in broadwa spider-man turn off t dark is expected to lea rehab this week. christopher tierneyell 30 feet when the safettether to his harne malfunctioned during the preview of the $65illion show.
5:50 am
he suffered a skull fracture, four broken rib three broken verbra, bruised lung and internal bleeding. his family said he will leave rehab on wednesday but will ntinue treatment in new york city. chuck berry collapsed at a concert in chicago. an agent for the 84-year-o rock and roll legend said he suffered from exhation. he was helped off the stage seral times during the winter dace concert. he apologized for not havinany strength at the time. he is known f johnny be good. and maybelline is resting comfortly at his home. first, resides complained about thesnow. now tey're complaining about trash that also has them fed up. garbagebins outside many participant buildings are overflying. new york city suspended trash collection after the chrisas weekend and will resume collection today. about 20 inches of snow fell on the city last ekend.
5:51 am
>> wt a mess. imagine if that was warm weather. yikes. >> u. >> couple of feet of ow, and it just missed us by out 50 miles. so we can behankful for that. as we start off the new yea say goobye to the coldest decemberin ten years here. right now starting off with another cold moing in washington. there's the washington monument under a clear sky. reagan national below freezin yesterday morng predawn it wa around 60 degrees. we have dropped 30egrees since then. it's a rather dry air mass that's upon us. and northwesterly wind, 23 mis per hour at reagan tional. 20s in t shenandoah valley, chesapeake bay, eastern shore this monday morng. no travel problems atherwise. bundle up. mperatures in the teens with the northwest nds that are blustery. we have temperatures outf the mounins, even colder in western maryland, parts of west virginia, only in the teens.
5:52 am
southern parts of maryland and on the eastern shore, it's near 30. southeastern virginia, a little bit above freezing there. the last 12 hours we had rain exiting quickl beyond that, high pressure has moved in, cleared out the sky, brouht back seasonably cold weatr that will be in place the rest of the wee ovnight tonight after a clear day, back down bel freezing. with bright sunshine should make it up to 40degrees. sun shies this rning 7:27. nset, 4:59. then clear evening. back below freezing at midnight. mid-20s dawn tmorrow with a f ouds around. tuesday, ather front coming through will give us a southwesterlybreeze. quite bit of cloudiness. after that front goes by, here comes so more cold weather. dn into the 20s wednesday morning. right and sunny wednesday wth highs only around . a bit colder onhursday with clouds around. morng lows, 20s.
5:53 am
afternoo highs, 30s. an area of low pressure developing to our north. closenough toive us passing flurries. highs reaching the low tomid then 30s. saturday and sunday, cold weather returns. morning lo near 20. saturday afternoon, low to mid-30s. traffic thismonday morning, ashley lindher, how is it looking now? this ely morning we have a bit of congestion to port. 270 southbound, 109 to e truck scales. travelg out ofvirginia, let's dive right in to 95. traveng northund, hit the brakes a little bit off and onoodbridge to arton. here's the stretch south o larton. elsewhee out of virginia as you make that tr to and across the 14th, it's wide open right now. 395 ptty much nearing that report. no big lays. a litt bit of congesti just beyond edsellto shirlington.
5:54 am
central avenue eastund as you make your approach to the capal beltway. westbound iswide open. no big delays there is a bit of congesti. once you get around it, no problems aus continu your eastboun central trip. joe an eun, back to you. thank you. if you think your morning commute expensive no think abouthis. according tousa today," we could be pushing $3.70 a gallon byscreen. crude prices could soon hit $100 a barrel. the nationwide afternoon on christmas day was $3 a gallon, a reported for the holiday. just more than a week later, the kanchlg is $3.07. locally, s prisdz have gone up two to three cents a week in c., $3.18 a gallon. ryland is close to the national average at $3.06. an maryland is still the cheap spot at $2.98 a gallon.
5:55 am
forme treasu secretary henry paulson lost more than a million dollars selling his washington hom was george w.bush's go-to man duri the housing collapse. he soldis 3 bedroom home for more th a million dollars below whahe purchased for it. the transit agency wants to hear what you think. metrotarted the random station at several stations the searches invve swapping bags f slowsive materials. now metro is looking for feedback. metro ride advisoryouncil will hold a meeting tonightt 30 on northwest. students from the tacoma ducational center will attend a new scol after their school was engulfed in flames. fire caused major problems to thenorthwest washingt campus. so for therestf this curre
5:56 am
school yr students will attend er elementary school. parts and teachers and other volueers have been working hard spruce up the school which had been closed f low enrollment. > there will be change to the scool's shutt stem. starting today, buses will lea tacoma from dalia at 8:15. in the aernoon they will leave myer at 3:15, returng by 3:30. staff member will be on hand to help with the shuttle process. also, a reminder there is no after-care this week. it willesume january 10th. wildlife officials in a small arkansas town are trying to solve a dea bird mystery. peopleound at lst 1,000 birds lying in their front yard saturday morning over a on-mile
5:57 am
stretch. the fi and gameommission sent bir to labs to be tested. in other similar cases, lightning or high altitude hail killed the flock. but that mit not be the case here. it i posble new year's eve revelers start willed the birds and they died of stress. many may sleep in if they rely o their iphone alarms. the phone has a programming error in the caldar software. users complained their alarms did not go offjanuary 1st or 2nd, causing a a lot ofeople to oversleep. apple says it's aware of the problem andworking on a fix. it'snclear whether it affected all models of the ione or only the latest rsion. not even y2 everything wt off without a hitch. for some reason,2010, and 2011. >> an apple a day keps the doctor away.
5:58 am
apple cld help you lose yr job. >> ite that dow it's a qte from joe krebs for the year. fewerptions to go to for travel
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